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Ageing Policies

The main thrust of ERA-AGE is towards the future and, by a carefully planned set of progressive steps, it will ensure a lasting basis for cooperation. By the end of its life ERA-AGE will have built a solid cooperative structure of exchange and knowledge sharing, agreed European research priorities, experimented with joint activities and either launched a joint transnational programme or have published an agreement to do so. In other words, it will have established the research management and policy structure for an ERA.

The dissemination plan is set out in WP5. It aims to spread the knowledge and experience gained far more widely than the partners and participants (for example through newsletters and international conferences). Moreover an explicit objective of ERA-AGE is to help to break down the barriers between science and policy and practice. Thus there is a particular emphasis on the involvement of research users in different aspects of the research process (WP1 and 2). ERA-AGE will also contribute to efforts to bridge the gap between science and society by, for example, helping programmes to be more responsive to user needs and helping to educate the public about ageing research.

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