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FORUM of Research Funders in Romania

The forum is seen as a “common space” aiming to accommodate different stakeholders views in order to rise awareness of ageing issues including research topics. The objectives of the Forum are:

  • Revitalize ageing research at the national level preserving/developing also the national specific elements: anti ageing medicines (pharmaceutical products and natural means), anti-ageing therapies using natural means, plant extracts, etc.)
  • Identify persons & institutions interested in/with core competence on ageing or ageing related research, in order to reach the needed critical mass and to promote them using ERA AGE project activities;
  • Enforce the interdisciplinary approach related to ageing research;
  • Make effective the collaboration between medical and social oriented research on ageing;
  • Make effective the work with different stakeholders, including policy makers, and better communicate the ageing related issues.

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