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European Research Area in Ageing Research (ERA-AGE) is a four year project founded by the European Commission, under the Sixth Framework Programme. The aim of ERA-AGE is to promote the development of a European strategy for research on ageing and, thereby, to enable Europe to gain maximum added value from an investment in the field.

ERA-AGE comprises nine partners who are each public authorities responsible for the funding and coordination of national research programmes. In addition, there are five associate partner organizations across Europe to enable and maximize the sharing of experiences and good practice. The network is coordinated by the UK representative NCAR and it is supported by a steering group comprising of research managers, scientists, representatives from the European Commission and AGE.

ERA-AGE is to bring together research funders to share knowledge and develop collaboration. Scientists and user groups will be involved to establish an international collaboration network. The long term objective is to create a sustainable base for planning, implementation and exploitation of transnational research on ageing

  • To facilitate the coordination of existing ageing research programmes and knowledge exploitation.
  • To promote joint interdisciplinary research activities between countries.
  • To share good practice in the coordination and management of national ageing research programmes.
  • To support the production of European priorities for ageing research programmes and to ensure that these are fed systematically into national regional funding mechanisms.
  • To help to break down the barriers between ageing research programmes and policy and system practice so that the societal benefits of such research are reaped as rapidly as possible.
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